Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chinese Temple-Temples In China

Chinese temple door,Erwangmiao Temple 's  (二王庙)door -the ancient buildings of Erwangmiao Temple is an important part of the World Cultural Heritage Dujiangyan, the temple was first built in China Northern and Southern Dynasties, the existing  department of architecture in the Qing Dynasty reconstruction-old temples building in Doujiangyan, Sichuan, China

Erwangmiao Temple , fine eaves, old Chinese temple building in Doujiangyan , China-One of the elegant temples in southern China, beautiful corner of the Temple of  Erwangmiao Temple , this special temple is in the famous Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Sichuan, Southwest China

The special structure of the buildings in Erwangmiao Temple, old Chinese temple, Dragon-shaped sculpture on the roof-This temple is in Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, China

Chinese Temples foto by xuxu-二王庙Erwangmiao Temple, elegant eaves,classical Chinese temple building, reconstruction in the Chinese Qing Dynasty-beautiful Temple in Doujiangyan city, Sichuan provance, China

Erwangmiao Temple foto by xuxu, This is a very famous old temple on the hill , in Doujiangyan , China-this is a re-color-style architecture of the old temple building

Chinese Temple: Erwangmiao Temple's Memorial arch, elegant structure, beautiful colors-old temple in Dujiangyan Irrigation Project of Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Chinese Temples: Ciyun Temple-magnificent door, beautiful re-color-style architecture -The temple is in  an industrial zone in Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Chinese Temples-Lotus lamp Area, people are burning incense-Ciyun Temple photo by xuxu, Spring 2011-Lively temple, in Shaqu Town, Chengdu, Sichuan, southwest China

Pink Lotus lamps in Ciyun Temple of China-Ciyun Temple is a very specail Chinese temple, magnificent buildings-big party to burn incense in the temple each year-Ciyun Temple
is in Chengdu , China

Chinese Temples in southwest China-Ciyun Temple , People were buying incense and candles-beautiful temple in Shaqu town, Chengdu, China

Magnificent Chinese temples builiding-Re-color-style door in Ciyun Temple, red candle was burning-the temple is in Chengdu city, Sichuan provance, China

Chinese temples: Ciyun Temple building foto by xuxu, 2011-Laced with gold Buddha statue in a beautiful pavilion-The temple is in Shaqu Town(It is an industrial area in Chengdu), Sichuan, southwest China

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chinese Bridges-The Bridge in China

Chinese Bridges fotos by xuxu-Nanqiao Bridge(南桥), Nanqiao is a magnificent bridge, it was built in 1878, China 's Qing Dynasty. Nanqiao Bridge is about 133 meters-The bridge is one of the fine architecture of the ancient Chinese bridges. The bridge is in Dujiangyan heritage conservation area- the bridge in Doujiangyan city, Sichuan provance, southwest  China-

Chinese Bridges in Doujiangyan Scenic Area , China-南桥Nanqiao, the bridge is very beautiful  old bridge, fine details of the decoration-The old bridge was built in 1878, about 133 meters,It is one of the beautiful bridges of southern China-Nanqiao Bridge in Doujiangyan city, Sichuan , China

Chinese Bridges-Anlan Bridge (安澜桥), this is an old rope bridge, rebuilt in 1803 AD, this old bridge is a famous cultural relics of China 's western( rope bridges are look simple, but highly skilled)-the special bridge in Doujiangyan Area, Sichuan provance, west of China

Chinese Bridges in Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Area, Anlan Bridge on Minjiang(岷江) river, China-the bridge is about 500 meters- Anlan Bridge is one of the five bridges of ancient China, this is a special  rope/Bamboo bridge, in Dujiangyan city, Sichuan, southwest China

Chinese Bridges -old bridge scenery of China, Anlan Bridge was shaking , picture by xuxzu, spring 2011-the old bridge is about 500 meters- This ancient bridge destroyed in the Ming dynasty,  was rebuilt in 1803 , in Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Area, Sichuan, China

Asia Bridges -Chinese Special architectural style of old  rope bridges,  Anlan Bridge foto by xuxu, 2011-the lady was crossing Anlan Bridge ,the old bridge was shaking-China Bridge in beautiful Dujiangyan Irrigation Project area

Chinese famous Bridges Fotos by xuxu-Anlan Bridge, in southwest China, this is an old bamboo bridge, it is a very specail old bridge and is one of the ancient Chinese five famous bridges-the bidge is about 500 meters, rebuilt in 1803( Chinese Qing Dynasty)-Anlan Bridge is on Minjiang River(Yangtze River tributary), in Dujiangyan Irrigation Project area, Sichuan, China

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dow Gardens Pictures-Midland , Michigan Scene

Dow Gardens in spring-Dow Gardens Signs pictures by xuxu-Midland , Michigan Scene, April 2012

 Dow Gardens entrance-Costumes people are taking pictures, brightly colored tulips are in full bloom-Midland Scene Picture

The tulips in Dow Gardens, Midland of Michigan-photo by xuxu, April 2012-Midland Scene picture

 Dow Gardens Pictures-beautiful  tulips area, yellow+red+purple tulips-Midland Scene in April, 2012

Purple flowers tree/trees in Dow Gardens , Midland of MI, USA-beautiful Dow Gardens Scene , Spring 2012

 Purple Rhododendron flowers(AGE 10) in Dow Gardens , picture by xuxu-Midland Michgan scene, April 2012

Pink+white+purple colors,  Rhododendron flowers in Dow Gardens  , near the corridor-photo by xuxu, Spring 2012-Midland , Michigan scenery

The waterfull in Midland Dow Gardens -beautiful waterfall in the jungle-Midland Scene picture by xuxu, Spring 2012

Dow Gardens scenery-beautiful purple flowers trees in the other side of the small stone bridge-Midland,  Michigan scenery photo

Near the red bridge, special shape purple flowers tree in Spring at Dow Gardens-Midland , Michigan Scene, picture by xuxu, April 2012

Midland Scene FOTO by xuxu-Close to the purple flowers trees (purple blooms) of the river, in Dow Gardens, Spring 2012

The alden b. dow house and studio, Dow Gardens pictures by xuxu-special buildings, peaceful area-Midland area , Michigan Scene, April 2012

Peaceful Dow Gardens in the morning, 3 purple flowers trees in the sun-Midland, Michigan Scene picture by xuxu, Spring 2012

 Green weeping willow in Dow Gardens-Midland, Michigan Scene photo by xuxu, April 2012

 Dow Gardens Pictures, by xuxu-Dow's house, beautiful red and white flowers trees in the back yard -beautiful Midland , Michigan Scene

Dow Gardens butterfly, photo by xuxu-black and brown butterflies , eating food-Midland, Michigan Scene picture, in Dow Gardens butterfly house

Midland Scene, Dow Gardens butterfly house, people are viewing the butterflies-Spring 2012, Michigan

Purple and white flowers tree/trees in  Dow Gardens , Midland-2012 ,Michigan Scene picture by xuxu

Dow Gardens, under the tree taking pictures of bride-peaceful Midland , Michigan Scene, Spring 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Frankenmuth Scenery-Frankenmuth In The Spring

Frankenmuth scenery foto by xuxu, April, 2012 -on the road of Frankenmuth, early Spring 2012

Frankenmuth scenery-Frankenmuth of MI in the spring-Frankenmuth street-level view, April 2012

Spring of Frankenmuth-Frankenmuth scenery picture by xuxu, one day in April, 2012

Frankenmuth horseback riding on the road-Frankenmuth scenery , FOTO by xuxu,  early Spring 2012

Elegant German style building in frankenmuth-people are walking in frankenmuth street, Frankenmuth scenery in Spring 2012

Beatiful trees in Frankenmuth of MI-Frankenmuth scenery photo by xuxu, Spring 2012

German style buildings in Frankenmuth, picture by xuxu-beautiful frankenmuth steet scenery-Frankenmuth in the Spring, 2012

Frankenmuth scenery, elegant store building in Frankenmuth of Michigan-early spring 2012, the leaves are sprout on the trees of Frankenmuth

Frankenmuth of Michigan in the Spring, photo by xuxu, April 2012-The Frankenmuth spring of the scenery

Frankenmuth street scenery, special store in Frankenmuth of north America-picture by xuxu, early spring 2012

Frankenmuth of MI scenery, old building and the horse carriage rides, spring 2012

Frankenmuth village Scenery-beautiful German style buildings , Frankenmuth in the Spring, 2012

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